What is stevia?

South American plant with a sweet flavour like sugar. The only natural sweetener with no harmful side-effects. Entirely natural and safe for consumption on a regular basis and an ideal sugar substitute for everyday use.

Unlike other sweeteners, it passes through the body’s system with minimal absorption, leaving only the sweet flavour without any of the calories and side-effects.

Swee10 is the only brand
which has literally
no aftertaste and is
closest to natural sugar.


Why Swee10?

The sugar alternate made from extracts of the Stevia plant, tastes great. Being all-natural, it does not contain chemicals such as Dextrose, Isomaltose or Maltodextrin. Swee10 has been developed in accordance with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Swee10 scores over other sweeteners made from stevia as it does not have bad aftertaste. It can be used to sweeten a range of drinks and sweet dishes.

The product is available in a variety of delightful packs for added convenience. Those looking to sweeten their daily cuppa can go for the sachet box, while the jar is the perfect companion for those on the path to a healthy gourmet discovery.